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Discription and advantage of New Yinye Company product

The company’s main products are high precision involute cylindrical gears and gearboxes.

We specialize in manufacturing of gears products such as spur gear, helical gear, herringbone gear, external spline, internal spline, crowned  gear, synchronous pulley, sprocket. These products are widely used in 1.5MW, 3MW, 5MW yaw , variable pitch gear shaft , ring gear of first, second, third , fourth stage of wind power industry; locomotive industry , feed machinery industry , ship industry, fan for petroleum industry , compressor synchromesh gear, coal mine machinery and heading machine reducer industry and hoisting machinery industry. 
We can work various material such as alloy structure steel , greycast iron , ductile cast iron as well as gear of hardended or softened surface after heat treatment . The materials we process are: 17CrNiMo6、18CrNiMo7-6、18Cr2Ni4WA、16MnCr5、20CrNiMo、AISI 4340、AISI 4140、AISI 8620、20CrMnMo、20CrMnTi、42CrMo、40Cr、C60、C45、HT250、HT200、QT400、QT450 and so on. 
The types of material are : forge piece, die forge piece , castings, welded piece , steel rods and so on.  The various heat treatment methods applied to different raw materials are : carburizing and quenching, sub-zero treatment , gas nitriding , ionitriding, induction quenching, overall quenching, hardening and tempering and so on.  . 
For heavy duty and high speed gears, materials containing Ni such as 17CrNiMo6、18CrNiMo7-6、18Cr2Ni4WA are adopted. This type of material  has high core toughness and surface hardenss with strong bending resistance and torque resistance after approperiate carburizing and quenching . High hardness surafce and high accuracy grinding makes the tooth surface become highly wear resistant.
We can process gear of  precison grade as per different national standards: such as DIN 3~6 grade , AGMA10~13 grade , ISO 3~6 grade, JIS 0~2 grade, GB 3~6 grtade , etc. 
We can also make modifications to various tooth profiles and helixes  according to the different applications as well as customer’s requirements . The main modification methods applied to gear grinding machine with form wheel are : crowned shape  , crowned shape with slope, K shape, tooth width asymmetric modification. Tooth surface roughness may reach Ra0.4. Appropriate modification and relatively high tooth surface roughness may effectively control the meshing noise and prolong the service life .






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