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3.15 Consumer Rights Protection Day

Views: 2     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-03-17      Origin: Site

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International Consumer Rights Protection Day is on March 15 every year. It a day to defend the rights of consumers, it also an important node to check the conformity of the products by the manufacturer. Only when companies produce qualified products can the rights and interests of consumers be effectively protected. The development concept of New Yinye is “quality first” since its inception. It is very important to satisfy customers' needs for New Yinye. Combined research with manufacturing, the company constantly improves product quality to meet customer needs.

For 30 years of development, New Yinye has had more than 50 patents, it has applied more than 30 new technologies and new processes. The gears of New Yinye have been applied to vessel, wind power, knitting, metallurgy, mining, food, beverage and other industries. The company adheres to the "let the world more stable, faster, more efficient transmission" concept of gear manufacturing. It establishes and improves the quality management system according to ISO9001. Every New Yinye staff always keeps quality development concept in mind.

In order to protect the rights and interests of consumers, every manufacture should pay attention to quality of products. On the occasion of 3.15, New Yinye promises: assurance and improvement of quality are our eternal mission, customer satisfaction is our eternal goal. Every New Yinye staff will adhere to the improvement of product quality.