Quality Assurance
Our dynamic and flexible organization guarantees an efficient service and a high quality level. The key to success for us is closer customer relations and customer satisfaction.
New Yinye controls every process in production with our advanced devices to make sure all the products supplied to our customer are in good quality. 
A. Raw material quality control:
1. Select the steel material according to the customers’ technical requirement.
2. Select the type of the raw material (eg. forging, casting, plate, bar, etc) according to the technical requirement of customers.
3. Incoming inspection: appearance, form dimension, chemical composition, internal and external surface quality.

B. Heat treatment quality control:
1. Before heat treatment: product dimension inspection.
2. After heat treatment: Inspect the appearance, form dimension, hardness, metallographic structure.

C. Equipment maintenance and equipment capacity:
1.Make up equipment maintenance plan.
2.Make up equipment repair plan.
3.Make up equipment overhaul plan.

D.Test equipment control :
1. Make up maintenance plan for all gauges and regular third party inspection plan for the standard test blocks.
2. Make up regular maintenance plan for the large test equipment.

E. Product dimension control:
1. First-piece inspection, patrol inspection and completion inspection for each machining process.
2. Carry out full-size inspection in appropriate proportions for finished products.

F. Personnel control:
1. Have regular machining processing skills training for all the operators.

G. Logistics control: packing and transportation
1. Interior transportation: with special transportation tooling.
2. Exterior transportation: with different anti-rust oil, grease, VCI bags, packed in crates or pallets, according to the transportation methods.

H. Product traceability:
1.Make the traceability mark on the product. If no special requirement, the traceability mark will includes “company code, drawing No., delivery date and machining series number”.

I. Non-conforming product control:
1. Isolate and identify it once find the non-conforming product in any production process.
2. Analyze the root cause, determine the solving solution, and make up preventive and corrective measurement.






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