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Centrifugal compressors applications

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Centrifugal compressors are the key machines for compressing and conveying all kinds of gas in the chemical production. They are widely used in various kinds of processes for conveying air, various gas or mixed gas, and increase their pressure. The main application fields are chemical and petrochemical, biological, medical, food and beverage, textile, automobile, mining and other industries.

Some chemical basic raw materials, such as propylene, ethylene, butadiene, benzene, etc., can be processed into plastic, fiber, rubber and other important chemical products. The centrifugal compressors are also important, and they are one of the key equipment in the petrochemical plants which produce such basic raw material. In addition, in other industries such as petroleum refining and refrigeration, centrifugal compressors are also extremely critical equipment. In addition, centrifugal compressors are also widely used in biological fermentation, such as citric acid industrial production using microbial fermentation.