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Centrifugal compressors gears and pinion shafts

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A Centrifugal air compressor is mainly composed of two main parts of the rotor and stator. Driven by the rotor, the impeller drive the gas to do high-speed rotation, leading to the gas centrifugal force. Due to the diffuser flow of the gas in the impeller, the flow rate and pressure are increased after the gas passed the impeller, and produces continuous compressed air.

New Yinye manufactures a complete set of rotor system (high speed gear assembly, high speed pinion shaft assembly, low speed pinion shaft assembly). The precision of the parts can reach DIN class 4, and can do tooth modification according to customers' design.

New Yinye can provide dynamic balancing inspection report and electrical run-out inspection report.

Currently, the mostly used material used are 18CrNiMo7-6, 17CrNiMo6. New Yinye produced the gears with the minimum module M0.9, maximum OD 1500mm. The highest rpm for the big gear wheel is 3000r/min, and for high speed pinion shaft is 43500r/min.

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