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New Yinye participating in the opening ceremony of major projects in the airport economic development zone

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ceremony invitation

The airport economic development zone held the opening and completing ceremony of the first quarter’s major projects on March 31. Jiangsu New Yinye Transmission Electromechanical Co., Ltd was invited to participate in it. New Yinye with its advanced high quality gear and gear reducer manufacturing project, is taken as a high quality project in the airport economic development zone. It has started the construction of its new manufacturing factory.


New Yinye new factory

The high precision gears of New Yinye have been widely applied to wind power equipment, metro train, mining machinery, food machinery and other fields. With modern and high standard's design, the construction process of new factory will meet China's requirements of green and low carbon recycling development industrial system.


Because of outstanding geographical advantages, rich industrial resources and superior investment environment, airport economic development zone is the only provincial development zone in Wuxi high technology zone. It is aimed to become a national economic demonstration zone nearby airport in recent years. There are booming industrial clusters, such as new generation information technology, biomedicine, intelligent manufacturing, and advanced business trade  and so on. It provides important support for the construction of a modern industrial system for the whole region and the industrial developing transformation. A number of major projects have been started and completed at this stage, which closely link to the "6+2+X" industrial system of the whole region and close to the needs of Wuxi development and construction. The projects are important achievements of attracting investment, extending and intensifying industrial chain in airport economic development zone, as well as specific measures to accelerate the integrated development of industries and Wuxi city.