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Technology-Wind Power Gearbox Output Pinion Shaft

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Yaw gear box is a key component to control blade rotation speed and blade offset angle in wind power plant. The yaw mechanism is coordinated with the unit control system, and the transfer cabin keeps the sweep surface of the wind turbine perpendicular to the wind direction, so that the wind turbine is always in the upwind state, so as to ensure the maximum power generation capacity of the wind turbine.By changing the blade pitch angle installed on the hub, the blade profile angle of attack changes to meet the change of wind speed.  When the wind speed changes, the blade angle is adjusted to obtain a stable aerodynamic torque to maintain a certain output power and reduce the impact of wind on the whole unit.

The output pinion shaft manufactured by New Yinye is used for wind power 1.5MW, 3MW, 5MW, 6MW, 10MW reducers at home and abroad, with module from M9 to M30, no. of teeth from Z11 to Z25 and total length from 200 to 1000mm.

We have mature production process of yaw output pinion shaft with monthly production capacity of 2000 pieces.

At present, the most used material is 18CrNiMo7-6 and 17CrNiMo6.

Since founded in 1993, New Yinye adheres to the belief of quality first, production and R&D together, and introduces a lot of world's top class engineering design software and equipment.

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Main equipment includes:

- MAZAK QT400L2000U horizontal CNC lathing machine

- Hofler RAPID2500 forming gear grinding machine

- Hofler VIPER 500KW molding gear grinding machine

- Gleason MM&1000 gear testing center