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High precision CNC machine electrical spindle and milling head repair and machine maintenance service

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With the transformation of China's manufacturing industry, the acquisition volume of imported machines is growing year by year, and the demand for maintenance and restoration is growing as well. However, it is a fact that the foreign machine suppliers' lead time of spare parts and after-sales repair time is long and the cost is rather high. It leads to the growing demanding for professional machine tool maintenance teams in China.


In 2021, New Yinye starts a new business unit with the cooperation of an expert team. They have more than 15 years' service experience for European machines, such as CNC gantry or bed type milling machines, cylindrical or gear grinding machines. They can provide service from electrical spindle and milling head repair, machine installation, maintenance to retooling and retrofit.

electrical spindle and milling head repair

Advantage with our expert team:

The professional team ensures the final result

Lower cost compared with OEM supplier

Immediate response reduces machine stop time

Local team with both Chinese and English speaking makes it easier to communicate

1. Spindle and milling head repair

Equipment may be used:
840D SL CNC test bench
Schenck balancing machine
vibration detecting device
Kellenberger grinding machine and Favretto grinding machine
Heidenhain unit for encoder test


universal milling head repairing

All the mechanical parts will be cleaned by an ultrasonic machine and the dimensions of all the parts will be measured with records. Our workshop has air-conditioning to keep the room temperature stable. And preload of the bearing will be adjusted according to the original status. The spindle balance will be done according to ISO-10816 standard. They are capable to replace the spindle, bearing, encoder, and seals, etc. It is necessary to do the 24 hours running test at a different speed for checking vibration or temperature to make sure the bearing preload setup is properly. It guarantees the spindle lifetime after repair.

It is also important to offer the final report with details to the customer. It will include the cause of damage, picture of the spindle after dismantle, specification of the new spare part, grease type, locknut torque, encoder signal level, radial run-out, and axial run-out, resonant speed range and spindle natural frequency, temperature, or vibration figure, motor current at a fixed speed. It will also address the advice to customers on how to prevent similar problems in the future.

It is also an option for customers to have on-site balancing or vibration check service with a handhold unit for checking the current condition of the spindle bearing.

2. Machine installation

We can provide the service of the new machine installation and old machine re-location. According to the original protocol from OEM, mechanical accuracy and laser test will be done with the prepared tooling package and marble rule or square with level 000. After commissioning all data will be back up. The agreement will be done in advance for the function test and cutting test.

3. Maintenance

It will be done with a detailed checking list of both mechanical and electrical to find out the hidden problems. It will foresee the potential failure and restore machine accuracy to the OEM factory level. And after maintenance customers could prepare the necessary spare parts in advance to increase the machine availability and keep production quality at the best level. 

universal milling

4. Retooling

With a new design, manufacturing, and setting up, it makes the old machine could meet the new production requirement. It’s not necessary to purchase a completely new machine. Just change fixtures, cutting tools and new processes, the machine could be ready for a new workpiece. It reduces the cost and time for the machine owner.

5. Retrofit

It is possible to retrofit the guideway hand scrape, new linear guide, new ball screw and bearing, latest CNC system, new electrical cabinet, hydraulic unit, and new enclosure. Only with half of the OEM price and half of the lead time, a brand new machine will be ready, comparing to purchase a new machine. We will provide the geometric and dynamic accuracy report and data backup service. We will follow the same rule as OEM in the machine installation process, and provide the same report after commissioning. We will provide production support to help operators get to master the operation of the machine in a short time in the local language without any confusion in understanding. It is the most important thing is to our customers.