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Cylindrical gears to match your goals

Views: 24     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-22      Origin: Site

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NYY specializes in the series production of cylindrical gears for almost all applications. We manufacture cylindrical gears with external or internal spur, helical and double helical teeth.

The gears range from small gears for compress gears to large ring gears and onshore/offshore winches with a high tractive force.

The gears are mainly manufactured in case hardening steels, but also in steels for quenching and tempering, stainless steels, etc.

Work pieces with internal teeth for both ring gears, spline connections and a number of gears are among the product types offered by NYY. We have a wide variety of machinery at our disposal so our capabilities are tremendous.

Due to both traditional and state-of-the-art CNC machinery, we can supply top quality cylindrical gears. We are also able to offer some of the best quality and delivery times for any industrial segment in China and abroad.

NYY Gears’ Characteristics

With its own technology in manufacture of planetary gear units, turbo gears, industrial and special parallel shafts, NYY supplies its customers’ demanding focused on the important three pillars of the industry: GREATER SAFETY, GREATER EFFICIENCY AND HIGHER OPERATIONAL AVAILABILITY.

NYY gear parts are built consistent with international standards and its projects use the most advanced calculation programs currently available.

With advanced infrastructure and technology, NYY is considered one of the best reliable companies in China in steam turbines, gearboxes, wind turbines segment.

NYY-Cylindrical gears

Tooth profiles including protuberance

We are able to provide gears according to many different kinds of tooth profiles.

Both with internal and external tooth including diametral pitch (DP) and circular pitch (CP) profiles. From standard profiles we can make, for example:

  • DIN 5480

  • DIN 5482

  • DIN 3972

  • JIS D2001

  • Special profiles

If a special profile is needed, we can provide this as demanded. As an example, today we produce gears with many different pressure angles starting from 15-33 degrees.

By using of the protuberance hobbing cutters, the grinding notch can be avoided or greatly reduced. The protuberance can be specified in KISSsoft on the reference profile as well as on the tool (hobbing cutter, grinding wheel), and checked in plenty of graphics for gear teeth, tools and production.

We also produce a lot of gears according to customized special profiles with protuberance or with defined fillet radius in the tooth bottom or tooth tip corner.

Other options are with or without chamfering on the tooth tip corner and with or without machining of the tooth tip diameter. Simply ask us if you have a special requirement. We will always try our best to support you.