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Engineered for success in your cylindrical gears/pinion shafts

Views: 22     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-04      Origin: Site

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New Yinye is the gear/pinion shaft manufacturer who keeps all-around opening cooperation with our customers. For example: manufacturing according to the customer's existing drawing; reverse engineering the samples provided with all our testing facilities and the world famous advanced software KISSsoft, which can evaluate the drawing and simulate the optimized design, and is able to make the strength and lifetime analysis for all kinds of transmission systems and gear boxes and complete the modeling of whole transmission systems as well as the study of the detailed parameters and also can compare the current designs under different load conditions; make new gear transmission design based on customer's limited application data.

KISSsoft simulation 4

The diversity to fulfil your demands

The wide kind of our NYY pinion shaft designs allows them to function in a wide range of applications. Our variety of materials, heat treatments and features gives you precisely the right pinion shafts to preserve your loose gears at most advantageous feature.

Made to order – and to match your needs

We produce pinion shafts that meet your precise requirements by means of our state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment and rigorous scientific machining process for each product to customers. Through reverse engineering, we can also make the alternative pinion shafts that fit your existing configuration or even improve your process with longer life time or different speed, etc.

KISSsoft simulation 1

Material Influence on Gear/Pinion Shaft Strength

Material definitions prove to be ultimately sophisticated : in the standards for strength calculations for gears/pinion shafts, plenty of influence factors - such as residual austenite content, hardening depth, residual stresses, heat treatment processes and others - cannot be directly assessed. As a result, identify these influences and their possible effects become extremely important for the design engineer.

In KISSsoft, many results can be mapped directly or indirectly - our software therefore gives analysis and optimization options that cross beyond the standards.

KISSsoft simulation 2

Contact Analysis of Asymmetric Gears/Pinion Shafts/Ring Gears

KISSsoft also offers contact analysis for asymmetric gears. This permits, in addition to geometry and strength assessment, the analysis of asymmetric teeth under-load.

Deformation units such as bending, gear body deformation, Hertzian flattening, shaft deflection and bearing deformation are included in the calculation. It can be applied for optimizing various gear features such as noise, efficiency, contact temperature and root stress with particularly selected micro-modifications.

Moreover, the contact analysis in KISSsoft enables run-out errors to be taken into consideration. The evaluation is enhanced by graphics for iterative wear, LTCA, active diameter under load and much more. 

KISSsoft simulation 3

Outsource or In-house Production?

kisssys elements efficiency

Whether or not the gears/ring gear and pinion shafts in a gearbox is to be produced in-house or outsourced continues to be an essential question to many gearbox companies. To make the right and brief choice, gearbox software program generating multiple answers is necessary - in terms of a transmission diverse calculation with cost estimations.

Numerous ideas can be analyzed very efficiently and, contemporaneously, the related costs could be figured out, with the automized gearbox variant calculation of KISSsys. For shafts, gears and housings, an evaluation can be made based on cost specifications per kilogram. Factors on the costs (of gear dimensions, different reduction distributions, etc.) can for this reason be without problems identified; more particular methods are also feasible with additional inputs.

For the assessment of procured transmissions and for flexible consulting outside the company, solutions with an installation of the calculation software is especially effective. With the KISSsys, input the load data, then relevant data such as service life, thermal load, reliability or the weakest element in the system can then be determined in a very short time.

Contact us when you need to make the right and brief choice whether the gears/ring gear and pinion shafts in a gearbox is to be produced in-house or outsourced!