Home » Press » Höfler cylindrical gear grinding machine makes high precision gear manufacturing with absolute precision, speed, and flexibility

Höfler cylindrical gear grinding machine makes high precision gear manufacturing with absolute precision, speed, and flexibility

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With the idea of "Continuous Improving", NYY constantly imported advanced manufacturing facilities and enhances the machining process to get higher quality precision.

High precision surface grinding equipment and proper frock clamp will get greater gear datum precision. Particularly in vertical CNC inner grinding equipment, with one set-up, grinding the plane and bore in one process ensures the gear orientation datum accuracy.

Profile gear grinding device can make the high precision gear with all types of profile modification, lead modification.



The RAPID 2500 cylindrical gear grinding machine is the expert for large, heavy work-pieces as much as 2,500 mm in diameter and weighing approximately 25 tons. These giants integrate maximum dimensions with absolute accuracy, speed, and flexibility: Topologically correct (a kind of modification compensation) results with reduced grinding times and an optional internal grinding device form the basis for affordable, reliable cylindrical gear production on this scale. Together with the cutting equipment, RAPID equipment in the cylindrical gear technology department provides an ideal system for the cylindrical gear production process.

Höfler cylindrical gear grinding machine

Highlights of Höfler cylindrical grinding machine Rapid 2500

Extremely flexible grinding head with torque motor swivel drive

  • Authentic 5-axis machining possible

  • Maximum rigidity and orientation precision in addition to no wear even throughout the grinding process

  • Grinding head position monitoring thanks to the integrated measurement system

  • Topological modifications depending on requirements in single-flank or double-flank grinding

  • Integrated measuring device with a 3D probe for inspecting the toughest topologies on the grinding machine

Two-column version with rapid AI variant for large-module gearings

  • External and internal machining in a single machine without retooling, with the same clamping

  • Integrated swivel axis

  • Integrated dressing unit

  • Insertion depth approximately 1000mm

  • Internal gears with big helix angles are also grindable without interference

Internal gear grinding arms

  • Various internal gear grinding arms available depending on application and sector

  • Easy assembly for quick set-up times

  • Grinding of straight and helical gearings or couplings

  • Separate dressing unit inside the device based on the principle of dressing for external gearings



Klingelnberg (HÖFLER) solutions have actually become a fixture in the international market in numerous markets. Like no other company, the mechanical engineering business stands for smart concepts for practically any requirement. The unbeatable interplay between technology and software applications makes machining jobs considerably easier and provides high productivity levels in mass production while providing significant flexibility in small-batch manufacturing.

cylindrical gears


Wind power plants contain a variety of toothed gear drives for different jobs: semi-rotary drives for adjusting the machine housing, drives for adjusting the rotor blades, and gearboxes for adjusting the rotor speed to the generator speed. To manufacture this variety of toothed gears with optimum efficiency, the market demands devices that can get the most out of the capacity that contemporary carbide tools offer.

Just efficiently cut cylindrical gears are used in wind power. This is because just optimal gear geometry offers optimal transmission of force for extremely efficient wind power plants while guaranteeing exceptionally quiet running behavior. High-precision gearing quality increases the life span of individual gearbox parts, which considerably reduces maintenance costs. Precision measuring centers from Klingelnberg make sure that the optimum gear geometry is kept with a high degree of precision, and that suitable quality accreditation is offered.