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Planetary gearbox and mining/material handling industry gear manufacture solution

Views: 33     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-06-15      Origin: Site

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Gears are used in plenty of situations. NYY specializes in manufacturing parts for planetary gears, including internal gears and spline shafts. We have a line for the manufacturing of internal gears with a max. diameter of 2500mm. In fact, we have manufactured gears for planetary gearboxes since 2003.

These days, we manufacture both for high-speed planetary gears which change up and run with up to 25000 rpm and also for low-speed planetary gears where huge torques are being transmitted.

We mainly manufacture internal gears by meanings of gear shaping. This is an advantage as we can do gear tooth with a relatively small distance down in the direction of a collar together with wide internal tooth having a small diameter. For this kind of gear cutting is normally only needed approx. 5mm of clearance.

We can also offer helical and spur gears with internal and/or external tooth manufactured by the powerful tooth milling process. This is a new and very efficient process which is particularly suitable for larger batches because of the tooling charges. Moreover, a larger clearance between tooth and a collar is required because of the machining angle of the tooth milling cutter. Additionally, some geometries may be improper if the chips can´t be evacuated quick enough from the cutting zone, since they will be swirled into the cutting process leads to surface defects.

Maquinaria De Minado


In mining, tunnel construction and materials handling, extreme needs are made of people and machinery because of the high volumes that are transported. The quantities which can be dealt with now are only possible due to technical developments in loading and transport systems. However, because the metallic content diminishes, higher volumes are needed, which in turn requires even more powerful solutions. Whether above ground (surface mining) or underneath, whether using continuous technology or traditional truck and shovel excavation – the most competitive criteria for the technology are usually the same: excellent reliability and safety against failure, as well as low-wearing, energy-efficient operation.

The gear components applied for materials handling must bear extremely challenging environmental conditions and service conditions. When applied for belt drives, such as those found in brown-coal production, large temperature fluctuations are the order of the day. The parts used in these gearboxes such as cylindrical gears are also subjected to changing, sudden loads and vibration. Robustness and suitable load-bearing capacity are primary requirements for these gear components, and NYY offers the system solutions for these.