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New YinYe Gear Manufacturing Capability

Views: 47     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2021-05-24      Origin: Site

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Gear producing variety and cooperation modes

New YinYe focuses on cylindrical gears, ring gears, and splines. This includes both gears and ring gears with the external and internal tooth, gear shafts (pinion shafts), and shafts without tooth.

We usually offer a complete production process including raw materials, machining, and heat treatment, however, we also supply partial machining of customer-manufactured blanks.


Our working range is:

  • External tooth: Max Ø2500 mm, module 26

  • Internal tooth: Max Ø2500 mm. Max. module 26

  • Gear shafts and shafts without tooth: max. 1600mm length

Normally, we manufacture gears in series from 1 pc to 1500 pc/series according to size and type of product.

We have much experience in the production of ground precision gears and we dare to say that we are specialists in grinding. This kind of production needs careful control and we can therefore supply our consumers with complete records of the quality.

During the primary developing phase, our consumers often discuss the design with us with regards to function, production, and price. Generally, we see a growing need in the area and one is constantly welcome to contact our extremely certified personnel who are constantly prepared to answer your questions. These might for example concern:

  • Gear dimension

  • Choice of material and choice of heat treatment

  • Production quality

  • Design in general with regards to operation, manufacturing, and price.

We consider our consumers as business partners where we together develop the best and most competitive solutions. It is our mutual advantage. So, ask us and let us see if our ideal match for your applications.

 Gear Manufacturing Capability

Made for your requirements today and tomorrow

Working to your precise requirements, our highly experienced engineers use the software KissSoft to design and engineer pinions and gears that fit your specifications. Our modern production factory and continuous advancements make sure that our pinions and gears satisfy your needs now-- and into the future.


Backed by experience and knowledge

While our contemporary manufacturing processes are impressive, it's truly our highly-skilled engineers and operators who make our pinions and gears top-class. Our engineers and device operators are well trained, permitting them to create premium gears made from different materials that meet your exact specs. We can manufacture all geared parts of the entire power train or individual components depending upon your needs.


Based on engineering analysis and several years of experience, we can also propose design improvements to increase part reliability-- delivering smooth operations for your application long into the future.