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Quality assurance system ensures a consistent quality control of gear manufacturing

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As a custom gear manufacturer, we strictly comply with the gear wheel standards in GB, DIN, AGMA, JIS and ISO, and implement in each process of the development and production the unified quality control measures.


Our testing lab has a professional Gleason M&M gear inspection machine, with its worldwide gear accuracy standards, we can measure and evaluate the spur gear and helical gear quality levels accordingly.


A comprehensive part of our process control takes place through our super precise Gleason analytical gear inspection systems. Compared to standard 3D measuring machines they also have the world’s most precise rotary table which is perfect for cylindrical gears.


Moreover, we have Hexagon 3D coordinate measuring machine. We additionally invested the Quindos system, together with the German LEITZ detection probe. Therefore, our 3D coordinate measuring machine can inspect all kinds form and location tolerances and dimensional tolerances, as well as involute gear accuracy, such as tooth profile, tooth lead, gear run-out, gear pitch.


Hexagon's solutions are designed to integrate data into production processes, enabling smarter decision making and better control of quality. It makes sure to complete support for businesses in general manufacturing and precision machining.


Our professional inspector carries out the quality inspection for raw material, mechanical properties and heat treatment in our physical and chemical lab. We have the German SPECTRO spectrograph, Rockwell hardness testers, Vickers hardness testers, Brinell hardness testers, Swiss portable Leeb hardness testers, in-spot metallurgical microscope and German LEICA metallurgical microscope.


NYY is certified according to the quality assurance system ISO 9001:2015 which makes us a partner who's capable to providing documents to meet the complex requirements.


The quality assurance system makes sure of a consistent quality control from inquiry to delivery of the finished product. We have continuing control during the whole process and we will be happy to provide reports and certificates together with the delivery.

NYY Quality assurance system

Documentation could e.g. include:

  • Raw material certificate

  • Heat treatment report

  • Inspection report with measurements according to customer requirements.

  • Gear inspection according to GB, DIN, AGMA, JIS or ISO standards.

  • 3D inspection including roundness, cylindricality, run-out, etc.

  • Surface roughness measurement of teeth, diameters and holes.

  • Crack inspection with fluorescent magnetic powder inspection center according to the customer's requirements.

Philosophy of New Yinye is strict management, diligent, continuous improvement, honor the commitments. All our products and also our process control are customer-specific. We are flexible and we adjust our quality assurance and documentation as per customer requirements. We devote ourselves to top quality product, perfect service with efficient quality management system.