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Industrial gear manufacture solution samples

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The rail industry is deeply rooted in the German industrial landscape and been transplanted to China – and railway technology “Made in China” is currently in high demand.

In train manufacturing, there are a lot of different applications in which cylindrical gears are used. These consist of the powertrains of train, which have to meet very specific requirements, for example: noise minimization, maximum power transmission and a long lifetime. Gear technology from Klingelnberg (Hofler) sets the standard in terms of economic efficiency and also quality.

Industrial gear manufacture solution


NYY Gears has got more than 10 years of experience in the production of marine gears.

Extremely high demands are set on the reliability of these gears and a breakdown is unacceptable.

Frequently, custom designed drive solutions are provided for the individual ship. Most often this includes complicated gear solutions with heavy toothed couplings for power take-off gears which drive the hydraulic pumps that then drive thrusters, winches and pumps as desired.

We provide such as gears for complicated gear solutions in which diesel engines and electric motors/generators are combined for driving on one gearbox.

Marine gears are often manufactured with case hardened raw material and with tooth grinding gears of quality level 4-6 in line with DIN 3962 (AGMA 11-13). Particularly ships require high demands for low noise gears and right here we normally provide gears of superior quality.

The gear teeth are seldom standard profiles according to e.g. DIN 3972 but optimized special profiles with greater rounding in the tooth root and protuberance. We also provide some type of modification on the teeth such as tip relief, root relief, end relief, crowning, tapering and combinations of these. All provide a high-performance gear which sometimes must bear huge impact from the huge propeller.


Usually full report is required on the gears, such as:

  • Raw material certificate.

  • Heat treatment certificate.

  • 3D geometry measurement.

  • Gear measurement report.

  • Crack inspection report.

At NYY we have experience with all this and we can also provide gear calculations with KISSsoft.

KISSsys Reliability evaluation for gears

The KISSsys reliability calculation is an effective way of evaluating each aspect of the power train for all gears, shafts, etc. It is far a convenient approach for comparing different drive unit designs with each other.